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Bridal and Evening Wear

Wedding Gown Preservation and Evening Wear Dry Cleaning


Your once in a lifetime gown can now be protected for the next generation with our exclusive heirloom preservation.

Few things are as cherished as a wedding gown and after all the careful planning that goes into selecting the perfect gown, many brides chose to heirloom their dress. A properly preserved gown keeps alive the dream of passing it down to a daughter or close family friend.

While a gown may be worn for just one day, and may not appear to be soiled, it will still require careful dry cleaning. Hidden soiling includes perspiration and body oil while long gowns will pick up soiling along the hemline and train. It is also very likely that the gown will have food and beverage stains. Some stains, which are not immediately visible, will develop with age through oxidisation causing discolouration, fabric weakness and damage to the gown.

Our wedding gown cleaning specialists carefully examine every gown, establishing the most suitable method of cleaning with inspections being made at every stage of the cleaning process and preservation process. Each wedding gown receives special, individual handling with attention given to every detail.

We specialise in the cleaning of wedding gowns and particular attention is given to detail. Part of this detail is the beautiful boxing service we provide for wedding gowns and evening wear. Gowns are boxed and packaged for preservation.

Our newly designed wedding dress box will help protect your gown from external factors that might cause damage such as dust, dirt, oxididation and even light. It will also be protected against being marked and crushed by other garments while hanging in a wardrobe.

Approved by textile experts, the Leon’s Wedding Dress Box provides a safe environment for your gown with a traditional appeal.

At Leons Fine Dry Cleaning our deluxe dry cleaning service also caters for: designer garments, evening wear, ball gowns, after five wear, bridesmaid dresses, cocktail dresses, formal gowns, christening gowns, sequined and beaded garments. These garments require specialised care during the cleaning process. Our hand cleaning and hand finishing techniques will protect and preserve your delicate items.